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Fall Select 2020

Fall 2020 Select Information

Select teams participate in competitive play with teams produced by other recreational leagues.  Select is for players interested in playing at a more competitive level.

  • Different from Spring, in Fall players play on a Rec team or a Select team, not both. 
  • This fall season (due to COVID) we are allowing players to try out in their Spring 2020 age eligible division OR their Spring 2021 age eligible division. Player choice. 

  • There may be extra costs associated with Select. Each team will independently have the option to find tournaments out-of-state or out-of-county. Should game play be allowed in Orange County, we hope to set up double header friendlies which will require an umpire fee of approximately $5 per player.  

  • Players must try out for the team and be selected. Player interest does not guarantee selection. Players interested in being evaluated for Select must check the appropriate box during the registration process.


Any player wishing to play on a fall select team must attend evaluations on September 13, 2020. Players will then be invited to the team by the Select Coach. Please email with questions about this process. 


Typically, Fall Select players must play in their Spring 2021 age eligible division. Due to the COVID pandemic, TGS is loosening common restrictions. This season, players may choose to continue to play in the same age division they played in Spring 2020, or move up to their Spring 2021 age division.

Upon registration, the system will automatically place your player into the Spring 2021 age division. This may require your player to move up in age division.  If you would like your player to be evaluated for a Select team corresponding with their Spring 2020 age division, please email and we will make the switch. 


Spring 2021 Birth Years:

2006 and 2007- 14u Select 

2008 and 2009 - 12u

2010  and 2011 - 10u

2012 and 2013 - 8u

2014 and 2015 - 6u

2016 - 6u (Must be 4.5 years old to play)


Spring 2020 Birth Years:

2005 and 2006- 14u Select 

2007 and 2008 - 12u

2009  and 2010 - 10u

2011 and 2012 - 8u

2013 and 2014 - 6u

2015 - 6u (Must be 4.5 years old to play)