2021 Fall Season FAQs

If you do not see your question below please feel free to submit your question to our Registrar at registrar@tustingirlssoftball.com.

1) What are the costs associated with the 2021 Fall Ball Season?

6U $115

8U - 12U Recreational $200

8U-12U Select $240 ($200 charged at registration. Additional $40 collected after roster confirmation.)

14u Select $240

***There is no recreational team for the 14u age division. All 14u players must have received an invitation to play from the manager.***

2) How will I know what age group to register my daughter for?   

The age divisions will be assigned in the registration process and are determined by USA Softball (the governing body of softball in the United States). TGS follows OC Fall Ball rules which dictate players will play in their Spring 2022 age eligible division. 2008 players who are not returning all-stars or travel ball players may play in 12u. Other accommodations may be made with board approval. Proof of age in the form of birth certificate or passport must be received by TGS prior to the first practice.

Birth Years:

2006 - 14u Select (Must be invited to play by a Coach)

2007 - 14u Select (Must be invited to play by a Coach)

2008 - 12u or 14u Select (Returning 2009 All-Star players must play 14u Select)

2009 - 12u

2010 - 12u

2011 - 10u

2012 - 10u

2013 - 8u

2014 - 8u

2015 - 6u

2016 - 6u 

2017 - 6u (Must be 4.5 years old to play)

3) How often will the girls practice? How often are games?

The number of practice sessions each week is up to the coach. Practices begin August 2nd. Until the first game, teams will practice up to two (2) times within a seven (7) day period. Once games start, games will be played on Sundays (no games during the week). 

Recreation teams will play one game on Sundays. They will also participate in one tournament weekend which may begin on Friday and end on Sunday.

Select teams will play double headers on Sundays and participate in two tournaments during the season.

Players must compete in 50% of their regular season games to be eligible for the tournaments.

4) How are girls selected for a team? 

Assessments for Fall Ball Recreation teams will be held. This is not a "try-out". Player's skill levels are assessed in order to create balanced teams. 

Select teams are formed via invitation from the Select Manager. Players interested in Select teams will need to attend assessments to be evaluated.

5) What is provided in the League Uniform?

This season, the uniform that is provided by the league consists of a dri-fit jersey. Players will need to purchase their own pants. Sock purchases are facilitated by the team parents after teams are formed.

6) Will there be any additional fees?

Each team usually collects a small amount of money at the start of the season to cover additional team costs such as team socks or social events. The total team fees collected are up to the Team Parent but are usually between $15-40/per player.

7)  Can I  request a buddy or a particular coach?

The only age division that is able to request a specific coach or buddy is the 6U Division. We will do our best to honor every request.

In order to make team formation for the 8U-12U Divisions as fair as possible, the League does not accept coach or buddy requests.  

8) What equipment is needed?

The basic items your player needs are cleats, helmet with an USA Softball approved face cage and chin strap, USA Softball approved bat, and softball glove. Girls in higher divisions may also want to add knee pads and/or sliding shorts to protect them when sliding into a base. Face masks for pitchers and infielders are suggested but not required. Click here for more information regarding equipment.

9) Where are games and practices located?

During the Fall Ball season, home games and practices are held at either Tustin Sports Park located at 12850 Robinson Drive, Tustin, CA 92782 (Jamboree and Robinson) or Columbus Tustin Park (CT) located at 14712 Prospect Avenue, Tustin, CA 92780 (Irvine and Prospect). Families will also travel to other Orange County locations for games.

10) What if I can't afford the fees for my daughter to play?

TGS offers a payment plan. You will pay 50% at the time of registration and the remaining 50% on August 2, 2021. Should your family require financial assistance, please fill out the scholarship application and email it to registrar@tustingirlssoftball for consideration. Scholarships that meet the criteria will be awarded in order of application received.


We understand that there are unforeseen circumstances which may lead you to decide to withdraw your player registration. Please keep in mind that this decision not only impacts the league financially, but it also affects team balancing and formation.

If a player requests a refund prior to team formation which occurs at the draft, they will be refunded their registration fee less a $25 processing fee. There are NO REFUNDS after teams have been formed.

If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar at registrar@tustingirlssoftball.com.