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Equipment needed for Sotball:


  • Cleats - Soccer cleats are acceptable at the lower levels.
  • Helmet - The helmet can be purchased at any sporting goods store. The helmet must be worn while the batter is on deck, batting, or running the bases.
  • USA Approved Softball Bat - See below for requirements. The bat should come up to the player's waist when placed on the ground next to the leg. To determine the weight of the bat, the player should be able to hold it parallel to the ground in one hand without much effort.
  • Softball Glove - A glove should be able to close around the size of the ball used in the age division in which they play. The 6U and 8U Divisions use a 10” yellow ball. The 10U Division uses an 11” yellow ball. The 12U and 14U Divisions use a 12” yellow ball.

Additional equipment (not required):

  • Fielding Face Mask
  • Sliding Shorts
  • Batting Gloves

From the USA Softball Website: